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About this app

The “Seafood” application is a comprehensive resource for seafood lovers, providing detailed and comprehensive information about preparing and eating the most delicious seafood meals. The app provides a unique experience for users who want to explore and prepare delicious seafood recipes.

A wide range of sea recipes:
The application allows users to explore a variety of fish and seafood recipes from various international cuisines.
Specific details for each recipe:
Provides a detailed analysis of each recipe, including ingredients, method and time required for preparation.

Step by step recipes:
Provides detailed step-by-step directions to help prepare foods correctly and deliciously.

Variety of dishes:
The app includes recipes for various types of seafood, such as fish, shrimp, oysters, and other marine meat.

Healthy meals and snacks:
The application highlights recipes for light and healthy seafood dishes, suitable for people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

List of famous dishes:
The application displays a list of famous seafood dishes around the world with historical information about the origin of each dish.

Share recipes:
It allows users to share their favorite recipes with friends via social media.

Keep up with nutrition:
Provides nutritional information about fish and seafood to help people follow a healthy diet.

In short, the “Seafood” app is a comprehensive and entertaining resource for seafood lovers, providing diverse and detailed recipes with educational and entertaining content to enhance cooking skills and enjoy preparing delicious seafood meals.