Save Me, Please!

Save Me, Please!

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Save me, Please! is an exciting and challenging word-guessing game.

About this game

Save me, Please! is an exciting and challenging word-guessing game inspired by the classic hangman. Dive into thrilling levels where the stakes are high, and your word skills are the only thing standing between your blue friend and danger.

In Save me, Please!, each level presents a unique scene where a menacing red enemy threatens your blue companion. Your mission is to find the correct word and save your friend from peril. With each correct guess, you bring your blue man closer to safety. But be careful—wrong guesses allow the red enemy to get closer to completing his sinister plan.


Engaging Levels: Experience a variety of scenes, each with its own unique challenges and enemies.
Challenging Gameplay: Use your vocabulary and deduction skills to guess the hidden words and save your friend.
Two-Player Mode: Create your own words and challenge friends and family for added fun and competition.
Leaderboards: Check your scores and compare them with players worldwide. Aim for the top and become the ultimate savior.
Fun and Educational: Suitable for all ages, Save me, Please! is perfect for adults looking to sharpen their language skills and kids eager to learn new words.
Join the adventure and test your word-guessing prowess. Will you save the blue man in time, or will the red enemy succeed? Download Save me, Please! now and start your thrilling journey to rescue!