Road Chase: Realistic Shooter

Road Chase: Realistic Shooter

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  • Square Dino LLC

Shoot the enemies chasing you! Break from the chase, a lot of realistic guns!

About this game

Your goal is to break away from the chase. But bad luck, you have a rather weak car.
No problem! But you have plenty of weapons =)!

Use a huge arsenal of weapons to stop the chase.
AK47, Minigun, Crossbow, Stationary gun, Machine gun, Flamethrower...

Shoot car parts, wheels, body parts. Hand out headshots, do combos! Shoot weapons, machine guns, stationary guns. Do everything to stop the chase.

The game has a huge selection of weapons, and there will be even more!

Do not rush to relax, the enemy is not asleep. And their attacking arsenal is varied.
Motorcycles, ATVs, racing cars, drones, jeeps, helicopters...
But you can handle it ;)

Complete over 50 unique levels
Unlock all locations and all types of weapons.
Defeat all bosses!
Realistic weapons and cars!

This is your road madness!

The task of each level is to break away from the pursuit, or rather to destroy all the pursuers!

Push the screen to aim and fire