NPJ: The Game
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NPJ: The Game

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About this game

OkCron's official NO POOP JULY game. Everyday brings a new level packed with unique enemies, fire maps, and crazy bosses. Your mission? Help OkCron survive each day of July without pooping!

Face daily challenges armed with a variety of hilarious and powerful weapons. Like the Rizz Bow to break your enemies' hearts, or the Stained Briefs for some messy fun. Customize OkCron with an array of awesome skins and collect upgrades to boost your stats.

Remember, this is all in good fun – No Poop July is a challenge within the game, not real life! So, suit up, get ready, and join OkCron on his unforgettable journey through the most bowel-busting month of the year. Can you make it through July without a single mishap?

- 31 unique levels, one for each day of July
- Diverse enemies and daily bosses
- A variety of upgradable weapons
- Customizable and special skins

Play the official NPJ game now and see if you have what it takes to conquer the most unique survival game ever!

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