Monster School: Where is Daddy
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Monster School: Where is Daddy

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Conquer thrilling challenges with the player at Monster School!

About this game

Get ready for the revamped Monster School - it's back with an exciting new makeover and mind-blowing lessons! This time, prepare to be transformed into a naughty player and take on a whole new set of thrilling challenges.

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing universe, filled to the brim with heart-pounding adventures and daring encounters. Your skills and reflexes will be pushed to their limits as you navigate through lessons that demand cunning strategies, outsmart crafty obstacles, and leap and dash your way to the next level.

With each monster defeated, coin collected, and hidden treasure uncovered in every lesson, you'll ascend the ranks and set astounding records.

🔥 Embark on a diverse range of lessons:
- Monster Attack: Defend the city by obliterating menacing monsters
- Daddy Chase: Sprint, leap over obstacles, and outwit the relentless Daddy
- Little One in yellow: Collect all toddler items before the little one catches you
- Escape the island: Scale new heights to escape the treacherous island.
- 456 Survival: Harness your intelligence and courage to conquer challenging games

⚡️ Simple yet addictive gameplay:
- Seamlessly control your character with buttons/joysticks for movement, running, and jumping
- Swipe across the screen to discover the ideal angle

🌟 Game highlights:
- Dive into exciting lessons featuring multiple levels that will test your skills
- Unlock various characters and skins for thrilling upgrades
- Traverse fresh maps and landscapes in each level
- Ascend the leaderboard to keep tabs on your stellar achievements
- Experience stunning 3D graphics and captivating animations

Can you earn an 'A' in every lesson and claim the title of top-tier student? It's time to embark on the epic adventure of Craft School: Where is Daddy and find out!

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