Maze Defenders - Tower Defense
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Maze Defenders - Tower Defense

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  • Johan Lindberg

A 3D Fantasy Tower Defense where your Mazing and TD skills are put to the test.

About this game

Maze Defenders is a 3D Tower Defense where mazing and tower customisations are key!

Maze Defenders is a fantasy tower defense like the classics. Craft advanced mazes for the enemies to travel, deploy your arsenal of over 17 Towers and cast mighty spells with your Builder.

During the each game, enemies will try to break your defences, your task is to defend the kingdom at all cost. Upgrade your towers with talent-trees, craft powerful runes and combine tower effects for the best firepower!

The most powerful tool is mazing, create long mazes for your enemies to travel. Utilise the best strategy in this tower clash and defend the kingdom from the raging tower wars!

Maze Defenders - Main Features

- Free Tower-placement, create your own maze!
- 20+ unique Towers to deploy.
- 3D fantasy world.
- Craft specialised runes that allows you to build powerful builds for your Towers.
- Build your maze! Epic tower defense madness awaits.
- Deploy powerful royale builders, each builder has its own powers.
- Boss rush tower defense levels and endless td levels will challenge you

Your td skills will be put to the test on every map in this indie tower defense strategy adventure. Plan your base defence, build towers and rain down fiery spells upon orcs, undead and other evil forces.

You are the tower-defender so you need to apply the very best strategy in order for your defence to hold.

Inspired by old games of the genre, where we found or love for td games, this is a game for any true tower defense fan!

Combine mazing, tower-synergies and strategic decisions to beat the levels. In this offline td game you wont find any pre-determined tower-slots!

Customise your towers according to your play-style: You'll have access to runes, talents and different builders that all affect how your towers perform.

Compete on Ranked maps where your td skills will be compared to other td players, big rewards are given to the best players in this royale game!

This offline game is for any td fan - Epic battles and tower defence madness awaits in this 3D fantasy world.
Your journey in this tower defense will take you into multiple fantasy worlds in your quest to free the kingdom of the invaders!

See what your td skills are worth in this 3D RPG tower defense and if you're a fan of old TD games you definitely need to play Maze Defenders.

Play offline! No internet connection needed.

Developed by Johan
[email protected]

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