Kebo Keyboard : Emoji, Fonts
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Kebo Keyboard : Emoji, Fonts

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Emoji Keyboard: Animated colors RGB keyboard, Emoji, themes, fonts

About this app

◆◆Unlimited creative art with KEBO◆◆

◆◆KEBO brings you a more interesting and colorful life. ◆◆

Bored with the default Android keyboards? Need something new have lots of colors, themes, effects neon, effect RGB color, emojis, fonts, gifs, sticker? But still need a handy swipe to text, speech to text? LED keyboard lighting colors effect with new design is new backlit keypad for Android has everything you need without being boring. Almost all applications require typing. You type a message, you post a status, you compose text. Relax your every single moment with an animated LED backlit keyboard colors!

This fantastic and fun app comes with a special aftercall feature, giving you the ability to share funny and cute stickers with friends after each phone call to make their day more happy and fun.

With +2000 emojis, +60 fonts, +200 keyboard themes to help you and your friends talk more lively and cheerful. Make your posts or chats on WhatsApp, Tiktok, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Snapchat, SMS, any apps that you are using become variously. You can create your own custom keyboard with the tools we have prepared.

The colorful world is in your hands: LED, RGB, galaxy, universe, anime, nature, flowers, love … or you can choose the keyboard we have designed.

◆◆Increased productivity with KEBO.

Automatic chat feature. You can create sample sentences like "it's beautiful today", "I miss you" and have fun auto-replying messages with friends with 1 click.

The auto-translate feature is embedded in the keyboard so you don't need to switch to another application to translate.

You can chat with your friends all over the world with a translator keyboard. Automatically translate into the languages you need.

◆◆Fast typing and smart suggestions.

◆◆Fast keyboard: Type faster by swiping the keyboard smoothly

◆◆GIF: lots of funny GIFs are FREE. Express your mood with GIFs.

◆◆Create a unique Tiktok, Instagram Profile with lots of creative fonts.

◆◆Creative KAOMOJI.

◆◆Keyboard effects, music, a creative world are waiting for you to experience.

◆◆Easy customized themes - live wallpaper keyboard - background photo keyboard - RGB color keyboard
- Download and install Led Keyboard free - Themes, emojis, GIFs, sticker update every week, all is free.
- Change the background with various colors or images, change color levels, stroke, color gradient speed effect, etc.
- Easy maker neon light animation effect with the latest selective effects.
- LED neon effects neon effect, led lighting effect in backlit, slide effect, top down effect, sparkle color lighting led keyboard themes etc.
- Colorful skins with effect as 1 million color led keyboard lighting in live wallpaper.
- Live neon background led keyboards backlit, rainbow, glow, snow.

We work hard to bring beautiful art to this life. Please support us to make it a better product by leaving a comment about your experience.

◆◆Privacy and security.


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