Idiom Quiz - 看图猜成语
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Idiom Quiz - 看图猜成语

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Classic Idiom Breakthrough Game

About this game

Idioms are a part of stereotyped phrases or short sentences in Chinese Chinese language vocabulary. Behind each idiom, there is an interesting story. This is an idiom learning and educational software created with heart, which is entertaining.
Through the level mode, the common idioms are displayed in the form of pictures from the shallower to the deeper, and you only need to guess the idioms according to the content in the picture to pass the level. Each idiom has a detailed explanation and an introduction to the source, which can easily enrich your idiom knowledge and balance learning and entertainment.
【feature of product】
1. Guess the corresponding idiom according to the picture prompts, 700 levels for you to play
2. You can ask your friends to help you to come up with idioms
3. You can spend gold coins to get idiom answers
4. Leaderboards and Achievements

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