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Accurate long-range weather forecasts up to 6-months ahead anywhere in the world

About this app

Global Predictor powered by Weather2020 is your ultimate tool for reliable, long-range weather forecasts. Offering accurate predictions up to six months in advance, this app is perfect for planning travel, events, weddings, sporting events, and any outdoor activities. With Global Predictor, you can plan confidently and avoid unexpected weather disruptions.

Leveraging the patent pending Lezak’s Recurring Cycle (LRC) methodology, Global Predictor provides highly reliable long-range weather forecasts. The LRC identifies and predicts recurring weather patterns, ensuring a higher level of accuracy over extended periods. Weather2020’s forecasts help users make informed decisions about future plans. While no forecast can guarantee complete accuracy, Weather2020’s technology and methods strive to deliver the most dependable long-range weather predictions available.


One of Global Predictor’s standout features is its interactive map, which allows you to easily select any location worldwide and view detailed weather forecasts. This user-friendly map is perfect for visualizing weather patterns and making comparisons between different regions. Simply click on the map to get precise forecasts tailored to your chosen location.

Global Predictor is designed with simplicity in mind, making it accessible to users of all ages and technical abilities. The app features a clean, intuitive interface that presents weather data in an easy-to-understand format. With just a few taps, you can access comprehensive weather forecasts, including daily highs and lows, precipitation chances, and snowfall predictions.


Never let weather spoil your trips again. Whether you’re planning a beach holiday, a hiking expedition, or a city tour, Global Predictor helps you choose the best time to travel. Get forecasts for your destination months in advance, ensuring you pack appropriately and schedule your activities for the best possible weather.

Event planners can significantly benefit from Global Predictor. Hosting a conference, festival, or outdoor concert? Ensure your event goes off without a hitch by selecting dates with favorable weather conditions. The app’s long-range forecasts allow you to anticipate and mitigate weather risks, helping you make informed decisions that keep your attendees comfortable and happy.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and weather plays a crucial role. Global Predictor can assist you in choosing the perfect date for your outdoor wedding, giving you the best chance to avoid rain and ensure your special moment is perfect.

Organizing a marathon, soccer match, or golf tournament? Weather can make or break your sporting event. Use Global Predictor to find the best dates for optimal conditions, ensuring both athletes and spectators have a great experience. Plan ahead to avoid extreme temperatures, rain, or snow.

From picnics and camping trips to gardening and construction projects, outdoor activities are highly dependent on the weather. Global Predictor helps you plan these activities by providing day-by-day forecasts so you know exactly what to expect. Maximize your outdoor enjoyment and productivity by choosing the best days for your activities.

Experience the difference in weather forecasting! Download Global Predictor by Weather2020 today and start planning with the confidence that only accurate, long-range weather forecasts can provide.

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