Gem Space: blogs, chats, calls
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Gem Space: blogs, chats, calls

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Friends, Communication, Security

About this app

Gem Space - is news and blogs, chats and calls, business communities and friendly communication with like-minded people. We make sure that all our users feel secure: our chats are encrypted, calls are protected and communication spaces are private or public, as desired.

Choose what you enjoy, subscribe to the best and most popular bloggers, get entertained, learn and become a better version of yourself.

Smart news feed
Choose your interests, subscribe to themed channels, discuss with friends while AI will analyze your activity and offer infinitely updated content in convenient formats - from short videos to long reads.

Quick search for new sources of inspiration
Use the built-in catalogue of channels and instantly find content you seek through smart search.

General and private chats
Communicate with no boundaries in any format - texts, stickers, audio and video. Remain connected to your close ones in any part of the world.

Free calls
Use with no restrictions on any device and platform, gather conferences for up to 1000 people and call non-registered users.

Communities by interests
Find new friends to talk to in communities, be on the same page with like-minded people and become a part of something bigger!

Inspire new experiences, travel, invent, share your views with the world.

Share news, create articles, upload videos, while smart algorithms will find your readers.

Catalogue of channels
Upload great content, communicate with readers and bring communities to the top - catalog of channels will account your efforts and attract organic users through the recommendation system.
Create and manage communities as your own media:
unite readers in channels and chats by niches and topics;
keep up to date with community events using the news feed;
make joining a community accessible only by invitation or to everyone;
organize important information in a community using collections.

Combine team work and business management in one application.

Discuss with your team and organize communication using the Communities framework.

Chats and conference with recording ability
Send messages, make calls, organize conferences for up to 1000 people for team members and partners.

Calls to unregistered users
Call to any device and platform with no restrictions.

Allow entry to team space only though invitations.

Secure communication
Be confident in encryption of your data, while calls are confidential.

Integration through API
Set up collaboration between teams and manage the company’s business operation by integrating corporate services through API.

Solution of all daily tasks
Edit messages at any time, share documents and manage communication with your team in chats.

New audience
Grow your business by means of new communication channels and distribution.

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