Forsaken Evil: Gods' Quest
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Forsaken Evil: Gods' Quest

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Let's explore the three realms and unite them in this immersive RPG!

About this game

Three thousand years ago, The God Yinglong fell into the devil's path because he could not bear the loneliness and worked with the Heavenly Devil to open the gateway for the invasion of the demons. The guardian gods of the three realms fought fiercely with the demons, eventually closing the Heavenly Gate and sealing the Heavenly Devil. After Yinglong was sanctioned, he left behind his residual soul to reincarnate in the mortal world. After this, the gods prophesied that in 3,000 years, Yinglong's reincarnated twin Buddhas would face the choice of becoming a Buddha or a Devil, and their dharma bodies would be the key to unlocking the seal of the Heavenly Demon ......
Scourge the three realms, or save the world? It's your choice ....
【Undersea War, Challenge BOSS】
New map gameplay strong attack! Tense and exciting undersea war on the verge of eruption, always staged a unique magic sea battle, against the giant war-craft. Break through the regional constraints to experience a new road to fairy cultivation!

【Assemble Your Team, Endless Battles】
Open the Guild interface, check all members, and conquer cross-server battles together. Members of the Guild are divided into Guild Master, Vice Guild Master, Elders, and Members. As the Guild level increases, you will gain higher privileges. Assist in completing Guild missions, strengthen the Guild, earn contribution points, enhance Guild strength, and enjoy more privileges!

【Adorable Mounts, Loyal Partners】
Obtain a divine mount without spending and experience the joy of raising them. Evolve your mounts into awesome creatures using a variety of cultivation methods. Embark on thrilling adventures together, and witness the prowess of friends and their companions!

【Thrilling Competitions, Intense Battles】
Experience smooth attack mechanics and combine various combo skills to enjoy the most exhilarating battles. Engage in various PvP modes, including fair one-on-one duels and large-scale multiplayer battles. In the chaotic realms, who will become the ultimate ruler?

【Skill Development, Artifact Enhancement】
Embark on the path of cultivation and unlock various cultivation techniques. Enhance your skills, ascend in power, and engage in battles between gods and demons. Develop rare and unique artifacts that will aid you in your journey and create an immersive world!

【Romance Gameplay, Find True Love】
Team up with friends and establish powerful factions, fight side by side towards glory. Find your true love in the Three realms, raise your children, and share epic battles together. Embrace a love that transcends lifetimes and join hands to conquer the challenges that lie before you.

Enter the magical world of RPG and embark on an extraordinary journey filled with adventures, cultivation, and battles! Explore the Three realms, and leave your mark in the world. Upgrade your skills, forge powerful gear, and conquer the Three realms!

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