Find Hidden Cats—Detective Mio
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Find Hidden Cats—Detective Mio

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Find Hidden Cats!

About this game

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🐱Let's Go! Mio!🐱

Has a cat gone missing?
Are there animals in danger?
Do you wish to rediscover a long lost memory?
Then Detective Mio is the cat for you!

This is more than a simple hidden picture finder!
You need to solve various nonsense quizzes and puzzles to save cute animals!
Tap, swipe, and drag on the screen to find hidden items!
Sometimes you might even need to flip the whole smartphone!

Attics, gardens, galleries, museums, malls, laboratories, and... space!?
Listen to your client's tale and find the hidden animal.
Those pesky animals find unbelievable ways to hide in the most unimaginable of places!

Find all of the items and complete the illustration.
Enjoy cute cartoon-style illustrations!

A game that can be played offline!
Put your heads together with your friends to solve the puzzles!

Use the toys and furniture you earn from clearing stages
to decorate your detective office in your own unique style!

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