Dungeon Hero - Roguelike RPG

Dungeon Hero - Roguelike RPG

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Enter the dungeon and fight your way to final boss in Dungeon Hero!

About this game

Enter the Dungeon a Knight, Archer, Mage, or many other classes. Survive to the 100th floor and take down the ultimate boss!

Dungeon Hero is a roguelike incremental game. A hybrid Bullet hell Dungeon Crawler RPG where you gather loot finding new weapons, armor, and equipment that give you stat bonuses and new special abilities.

- 100+ unique Floors to scale & explore
- Epic Boss fights
- Tons of loot & treasure to collect and equip
- Equipment systems with Weapons, Armor, Helmets, Gloves, Boots and more
- Many unique classes play as a Knight, Archer, Mage and more
- Roguelike progression no run is the same as another
- Procedural dungeon floor generation
- Incremental leveling up system
- No forced ads or purchases ever
- Simple to learn gameplay and mechanics
- Endless depth and learning new strategies

Grab your Sword, Bow, or Wand and enter into the depths of the Dungeon! Choose your path, each door leads to unique treasure or an intense and strategic battle!