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Direct Message & Chat

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Send direct messages without saving numbers for quick, private communication.

About this app

Are you irritated by saving the temporary contacts for sending messages in WA for business or other purposes? Send messages directly to any WhatsApp number without saving it to your contacts. This feature is perfect for quick chats and one-time conversations, saving you time and keeping your contact list uncluttered.
Enjoy the convenience of WA Direct, which allows you to initiate conversations instantly. Just enter the phone number, type your message, and hit send. No more unnecessary contact entries.
Quick Chat Need to send a quick message on the go? Quick Chat feature enables you to do just that. It's ideal for sending immediate responses or quick information without the need to go through your entire contact list.
Craft your message for WhatsApp and send it directly from the app. This feature ensures that your communication is swift and direct, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
WhatsApp Shortcut Create shortcuts for frequently contacted numbers or common messages. This feature allows you to save time and effort, making repetitive tasks effortless.
The WhatsDirect feature provides a streamlined process to send messages. Simply enter the number and message, and WhatsDirect handles the rest. Perfect for businesses and individuals who need to maintain privacy and efficiency.
Automate WhatsApp Messages Schedule messages to be sent at a later time. This feature is ideal for reminders, follow-ups, or any situation where timing is crucial. Automate your WhatsApp messages and never miss an important communication.
Dialer for WhatsApp Direct: The built-in dialer for WhatsApp Direct allows you to send messages immediately after dialing a number. This integration simplifies the process and makes it incredibly user-friendly.
With Auto Send WhatsApp, you can preset messages to be sent automatically without saving number.

How to Use Direct Message & Chat
Using Direct Message & Chat is incredibly easy. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

1: Download and Install: Get the app from your preferred app store and install it on your device.

2: Open the App: Launch the app and familiarize yourself with the user-friendly interface.

3: Enter Number and Message: On the main screen, you’ll find fields to enter the phone number and your message. Fill in these fields.

4: Send Message: Hit the send button, and your message will be delivered via WhatsApp without needing to save the contact.

5: Explore Additional Features: Navigate through the app to explore features like WhatsApp shortcuts, message scheduling, and more to make the most out of your WhatsApp communication.