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*Dive Deep into the Ultimate Challenge! Master the world with Meme DOGE !*

About this game

🐶🔥Dive Deep into the Ultimate Challenge! Merge, conquer, and master the world with your army of elite Meme Doge warriors.

Merge and open new cute units, collect and get to know your favorite characters in 156 unique funny doges. Complete daily quests and achievements in Meme DOGE 🐕

Embark on a journey through mysterious worlds exploring new levels. Enjoy the game with cute relaxing sounds, music and funny doge bark .

💰Get Coins Online and Offline!
You receive income when you play and even when you sleep. Earnings stop 24 hours after you quit the doge games.

🥊Defeat the Doge Boss and Open New Level
Fight the mighty Meme Doges Bosses and defeat them to move to a new location. Open new levels and make your doge to earn more coins!

🐕Super Meme Doge
Use super Meme doges coaches to increase your online income, get more free doge boxes, buy doge units in the shop with a discount, increase the speed of doge on the track.

How to get more gems

1️⃣Memberships ⭐️
Use memberships to increase bonuses. Complete additional daily quests and get more capsules with the rewards. Buy monthly membership or try it for free with every 7 Daily Streak in this Meme DOGE game 🔥

2️⃣Daily Capsules 🎁
Find real treasures and free LIS in the chests every day. Different chests contain different rewards. You can get coin and in-game valuable bonuses.

3️⃣Daily Quests and Achievements ⚡️
Complete interesting quests and achievements every day to earn gems in doge!

4️⃣TOP 5 🏆
Join the weekly challenge to get generous rewards - capsules or gems for free. Compete in groups of 30 your level's players. TOP 5 from your group will get rewards.

5️⃣Bingo 🧩
Open capsules and get Bingo cards. Collect doges lines to get generous rewards and try to win the Meme DOGE jackpot.

Our goal is 100 mln downloads in 5 years and create a mass adoption. Join us!

While you go through the levels - we are already working on the exciting updates, new Meme DOGE quests, mechanics, doges animation and rewards. Stay tuned for updates and news on our Realis socials:
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