Crime Christmas Santa Blast

Crime Christmas Santa Blast

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Help him jump past hurdles and bring holiday

About this game

"Get ready for a high-flying, holiday-themed adventure with Crime Christmas Santa Blast! Join Santa Claus as he takes on the role of a festive crime-fighter, jumping through a city filled with obstacles and challenges to bring joy and justice to all.

In Crime Christmas Santa Blast, you'll guide Santa through a series of action-packed levels where he must leap over hurdles and obstacles while spreading the holiday spirit. As Santa jumps his way through the cityscape, he'll also be on the lookout for mischievous villains who are up to no good during the festive season. Your mission is to help Santa thwart their plans and ensure a safe and joyful Christmas for all.

Key Features:

Intuitive one-touch controls make it easy for players of all ages to enjoy the game.
A vibrant and bustling cityscape filled with holiday decorations, lights, and festive music.
Exciting power-ups and bonuses to aid Santa in his mission to stop the holiday crime wave.
Challenging levels that test your reflexes and strategy as you navigate Santa through a variety of obstacles.
Compete with friends and players worldwide to see who can jump the farthest and catch the most misbehaving villains.
Stunning graphics and animations that capture the spirit of the holiday season.
Crime Christmas Santa Blast is the perfect game to get you into the holiday mood while also giving you the thrill of a daring adventure. Join Santa on his quest to deliver gifts and keep the city safe. Can you help him jump his way to a crime-free Christmas? Start your festive journey now!"