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A new paradise for real men, enjoy 777 draws

About this game

Real men are a real battlefield! If you are a man, come to COC! More than 2 million Korean players have praised it, and the latest Korean MMO masterpiece "COC: Bloody Killing" in 2024 is coming! This is a paradise for real men to enjoy fighting. There are absolutely fair killing rules. God's equipment depends on fighting, wild monsters can be killed at will, and pets can change from red to red at will. If you want to upgrade quickly, you need hard power!

Make a reservation now to get 777 consecutive draws for free! Get limited red pets directly, and get millions of good benefits directly! You will also have the opportunity to win crazy gifts such as YAMAHA motorcycles and iPhone 15! A new paradise for real men, no benefits!

△Men’s strength competition, finding passion in PK
Hot-blooded PK and ultimate killing are all in COC! COC is definitely a new paradise for militants. It integrates a large number of killing gameplay and combat systems, with multi-mode PK gameplay and PVE copies; in the era of dark magic invading medieval Europe, every warrior should come up with killing skills. With his own strength, fight passionately with his former brothers and become the most powerful king!

△Specially customized for real men, limited honor MMO!
Korean media selected the MMO that real men must play in 2024. It took three years of research and development in South Korea before it was launched, and an exclusive benefit version was specially customized for users in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan! In addition, in order to win the killing of all new kings, Korean R&D has customized and given the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-limited red pet [Pixiu] to all servers!

△Super fair killing MMO, civilians can also beat the section chief

All the magic equipment depends on fighting, and the wild monsters are at your disposal! In COC, we have the most conscientious treasure drop rate in the industry, and treasure drops are fair across the map. As long as you successfully rob the world BOSS and elite monsters, you can drop diamond bags. Equipment does not rely on krypton or pumping, it is all dropped by farming monsters in the wild! The open trading system also allows you to recycle your magical equipment at a high price. Getting rich overnight is not a dream!

△4 classic professions, 8 profession changes and 36 transformations
"COC: Bloody Killing" has four newly customized professions, eight job transfer directions, and thirty-six transformations! Free allocation of points and in-depth cultivation will allow you to deeply experience the epic magical era! Whether you want to be a wizard with magical attacks, a nimble-moving assassin, a powerful knight or a lord commanding the vanguard, COC can satisfy you all! If your combat power is not enough, you can transform into one. There are many transformations and career changes to satisfy your PK desires!

△ Hall-level BOSS battle, fight for the honor of the guild
Men with real strength are never afraid of sacrifice! This time, let us regain the passion and brothers we had together! Once again, let us fight for the glory of the guild! The game integrates classic gameplay elements such as killing, PK, BOSS battles, guilds, glory, rankings, etc. Let us call on our brothers to form the strongest guild and use our strength for the ultimate killing!

Homer Entertainment Co., Ltd. is the agent of "COC: Bloody Killing" in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.
This game is a tutorial level 15+. Part of the game content involves sexual plots, violent plots, and horror plots.
This game is free to use. There are also payment options for purchasing virtual coins, items, etc. in the game. Do not use others to save on your behalf to avoid breaking the law.
The plot of the game is purely fictitious. Please pay attention to the usage time. Playing the game for a long time may affect your normal work and rest. Please take a moderate rest to avoid being addicted to the game.

Versions COC:熱血殺戮