Block Puzzle - Wood Sudoku

Block Puzzle - Wood Sudoku

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The classic puzzle game that you can't stop once you start.

About this game

Block Puzzle - Wood Sudoku is a classic puzzle game that can be played offline, anytime, anywhere. Feel free to enjoy Wood Sudoku and challenge for higher scores!

Wood Sudoku is a game that combines the characteristics of popular block puzzle games and Sudoku puzzle games, removing wooden blocks by filling lines, columns and squares with blocks of various shapes and sizes on a 9*9 grid board. Use your brain to break your best record and face your friends until you have no more room to put it!

Test your IQ while enjoying fun games with the easy-to-learn but challenging Wood Sudoku!

[How to play]
Drag various wooden blocks onto the grid board.
If you arrange the wooden blocks well and fill them with rows, columns, or squares, the wooden blocks removed.
Add a combo score if you remove it consecutively with a strategic layout!
For higher game scores, try to survive for a long time and get higher scores
If you compete with your friends, you'll have twice as much fun!

[Game characteristics]
* Easy and addictive gameplay
* Comfortable game design and sound effects
* With offline play, anytime, anywhere, anywhere
* a time-limited, peaceful game
* Various puzzle gimmicks

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