Awesome Bolts & Screws

Awesome Bolts & Screws

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Awesome Bolts & Screws is a game where you solve puzzles by unscrewing bolts

About this game

Awesome Bolts and Screws is a free, easy-to-play game where you solve puzzles by unscrewing nuts and bolts, testing your thinking skills as you work through each challenge. It's fun and challenging, helping to improve your problem-solving skills.

* Experience easy and satisfying controls.
* Tease your brain with various puzzles.
* Complete levels to unlock new ones.
* Challenges progressively increase in difficulty.
* Test your IQ!

Start your adventure with "Awesome Bolts and Screws" and enjoy the simple pleasure of a good puzzle game that sharpens your mind. Download now and begin mastering the art of unscrewing!

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