Antistress: Relax Puzzle games
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Antistress: Relax Puzzle games

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An enchanting realm of puzzles that brings captivating puzzle experiences.

About this game

This is a puzzle-solving game collection where players can have various unique experiences. When you feel tired from work or study, you can play this game to forget your worries, unwind, and relax both mind and body. Some levels even require thoughtful consideration.

Gameplay includes:
Drawing lines to protect the main character;
Drawing lines to safeguard the dog;
Moving blocks to achieve victory;
Using ropes to rescue matchstick people;
Number-based puzzles;
Superhero with elongated arms;

Immerse yourself in a world of intellectual challenges and diverse experiences. Whenever fatigue sets in, this game collection provides a refuge for relaxation, allowing you to unwind and engage in puzzles that not only entertain but also stimulate thoughtful contemplation

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