Alien Survivor: Base Defence
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Alien Survivor: Base Defence

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Strategic game where player survive on a remote planet.

About this game

"Alien Survivor" is an exciting game where players struggle for survival on a planet invaded by aggressive aliens. At the beginning of the game, players are given limited resources and time to build a base and prepare for the attack.

Key aspects of the game include:

Battles with Aliens: Players face various types of hostile aliens, each with unique characteristics and abilities. Depending on the difficulty level, players encounter a wide range of battles, from small skirmishes to epic boss fights.

Base Building: Players have the opportunity to construct and expand their base with various structures, such as residential quarters, production workshops, defensive walls, and more. Each new structure not only improves living conditions in the base but also strengthens defenses against aliens.

Resource Gathering: To ensure base production and development, players must gather resources such as minerals, energy, and food. This includes sending teams to scout and mine resources on the planet's surface, as well as managing their distribution and usage.

"Alien Survivor" offers players a unique blend of strategy, action, and survival in an atmosphere of an alien world, where every decision matters and can impact the outcome of events.