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Play 10x10 Draughts with others utilising beautifully designed boards

About this game

AfroDraughts is, the brand new home of 10x10 international draughts, where users can enjoy playing against others online. The Home where champions come to play.

AfroDraught is an amazing new digital verion of the 10x10 draught game using the international draught rules. The app allows users play against others on the network, invite others to watch them play live and improve one's skills utilising the training mode. Create either a knockout or league style tournament and invite others to join. Another unique feature of AfroDraught, is the Analysis mode feature which enables players share gameplay tactic suggestions with your opponent and game viewers.

AfroDraught includes a host of amazing features including:

- 2 players online mode.
- Training mode.
- Analysis mode.
- Different board designs.
- Organise tournaments.
- Watch live games.
- Undo feature.
- In game chat.
- Game sharing.
- Follow games and tournaments to get notified when there is any related activity.

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